Monday, September 27, 2010

Singing In The Rain

Yucky Day In Brashear, TX
March 11, 2009

I have been so stressed out lately that I’m walking and chit chatting in my sleep. This could be a potentially explosive situation. Alfred could ask me anything and I would tell the truth.

The alarm goes off at 5 AM, I reach for my glasses and they are not where I always put them. I turn the light on and look on the floor. Not there. I’m not flipping out yet, I’m just worried that I could step on them. Alfred is now up from the noise I am making as I talk to myself and continue the search. I check by the computer, but my reading glasses are all I find. Now I am starting to panic and Alfred joins the search.

Some 30 minutes later, we are still looking. Dog jaws are pried opened and flashlight beams can be seen under beds and couches.

I can’t see past my nose and Alfred says he will take care of the horses. It’s pouring outside and has been since yesterday. In my mind I’m thinking how great is this. It’s 38 degrees and I’m not going to get wet. I immediately try to atone for my sinful thoughts, but it’s to late. In my mind I am now humming, ‘Singing in the Rain.’ God is going to punish me for this. The sound of glasses crunching is just seconds away. The back door closes and I start singing out loud. The dogs are jumping up on me and I dance with Wesley.

Alfred finally returns to the house and the glasses are still missing. He starts looking around since he is the only person who can see anything. I hear him say, “I found them.”

“Where were they?” I ask.

“In my office,” he replies.

I thank God for the return of the glasses and I ask for forgiveness of my sins. And darn it, don’t you know, I start humming ‘Singing in the Rain’ again. My arrival in heaven is now in question. 

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