Monday, September 27, 2010

The Chia Pet

March 23, 2009

Yesterday Alfred and I planted ¾’s of an acre of Organic Horse Grass for the horses. We also ran a small stream through our yard because we are expecting 4 days of rain. We have put in three french drains and now a new stream I will line with small rocks. Alfred will be building a bridge for the horses and the wheel barrel. This should be fun when I have 50 lb. bags of horse food and a dozen bails of hay to take to the feed room.

We have a spreader on the riding lawn mower and I poured half of a 50 lb. bag in the contraption. I put the bag on the porch and when I turn around Moose and Noel are eating it. They were so enticed with this new culinary delight that I really couldn’t get them away from it. I tried to ride the mower into the yard and it was impossible. I’m waving my arms at Alfred who is on the tractor digging and he doesn’t see me. How this can be I just don’t understand. But, the man is getting on in years and there are times when a gallon of milk eludes him on the top shelf of the refrigerator. Still, this doesn’t help me with the problem of the moment. I am watching $90.00 worth of grass seed being inhale by the boys. If Natasha had been eating it, I would have just given up and walked away with my tail between my legs.

That’s when Wesley runs across the yard with the Jolly Ball in his mouth and the boys move away as if Wesley is running on remote control, and I have the controller. I jump on the mower and drive into the yard shutting the gate on the boys. I spread grass seed and add a thin layer of top soil and we hope to have a green pasture once again. Now we are looking forward to the rain, provided it is just enough to get our seed started.

Today, out of no where it rains for about 30 seconds. Moose hits the ground rolling around like a hump back whale. I don’t think anything of it until I go into the yard to check water stall buckets.

As I get closer to Moose I see white flecks on him and Noel is kind of licking him. What is this new activity I wonder? That is when the grass seed can be seen by the naked eye. Moose is cover with it. It starts to drizzle again and I wonder if Moose is going to sprout like one of those Chia Pets I’ve always wanted.  I just don’t have a green thumb. I killed an air fern once and that about says it all.

I think that maybe I should brush it off and hope it lands back on the ground so it can grow where it was intended to. That’s when Natasha sashays over and starts licking Moose too.

His eyes dart back and forth in fear of being bitten, but he stands like a statue. I too wonder what could happen next, but all goes well as Natasha walks on with Noel right behind her.

Moose shakes himself, grass seed lands back on the ground and I’m thinking  I really could have the first walking Chia Pet on the planet. This could be bigger than the real Chia Pets.  I add Pet Rocks to the list and cha-ching the numbers are adding up. I can save every horse in the world.

The big lug walks over and pushes me into the barn with his head in a loving gesture. I give him a big hug and he bites my shoulder blade. I sigh and wonder exactly how much abuse the human body can actually take.

God I love these guys!!!!!

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