Monday, September 27, 2010

Peace and Serenity

Moose Sun Bathing

Feb. 28, 2009

Today I sat in the yard and looked at my horses. The peace and serenity I felt was overwhelming. (Moose was so overwhelmed with peace and serenity he needed to lay down.) The lives that some were willing to throw away were such a comfort to me that I wept. I looked at Tecs' grave and at Noel and wept for a friendship most of us can only dream about having.

Tomorrow I will be 51 years old and I have learned more this year, than any one person can imagine…… 

I learned that Alfred and many others have hearts of gold when it comes to God’s creatures.
I learned that some have the blackest hearts on the plant.
I learned that God has an agenda that I will never understand until I cross over into the light.
I learned that growing old is mandatory and growing up is optional.
I learned that some will do whatever it takes to help and some will do just what they need to get by.

The two most important things I learned today were….

“I love you more than even one more day.” (Joan Didion)

 Exactly what that means for me is……I would give up a day of my life, for any one person to understand that God’s creatures are just as important as any human. For me, it's no wonder that God spelled backwards is dog. The force of the horse is not just a saying. Rainbow Bridge is a place that animal lovers cross before they enter heaven. That the least among us, are not just the children, but the pets we call our own.

The second thing I learned was, before we look out for ourselves we look out for each other. May we all come to understand that everyone has a soul? If we are to look for a role model, we need look no further than our pets. Who else stands by our sides in moments of need, loneliness and depression? They never judge.

May the horse, dog, cat or any other animal that we bring into our lives, have the respect and love that they deserve. May we all take a moment to look at our much-loved pets and say thank you God for sharing your creatures with us.

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