Monday, September 27, 2010

Dog Mania

October 25, 2008

My three dogs are driving me to the edge. Max is running after cars on the road beside our yard. The Zap Collar is in his future. Wesley and Barney are now doing the same. This means two more Zap Collars. I would sit in my chair outside the barn and Zap away. I will have to color code them so I Zap the proper dog.

Horse poop in the morning is a banquet of culinary delight. They are in a frenzy over which pile they should pick first. Natasha does these little nugget poops and the boys think I have instituted portion control in bite size pieces that can be carried away to enjoy under a tree.  I can’t push the wheel barrel around fast enough.

I have never been able to teach anyone to roll over. Now, however, they all roll over in poop and pee grass. I am about to pull my hair out. I even tried yelling roll over, but they don't seem to understand this command in the house.

Digging is another problem. Mud stuck under their nails and their coats are impossible to clean. I took a pair of scissors and clipped Max's butt hair.
Max and Alfred
Alfred asked, “What were you thinking?  It’s crooked!”
I gave him the evil eye and explained, “We have a gun and scissors in the house. Which would you have preferred I used?”

Now you must be thinking why I don’t just leave them in the house in the morning. This is a very good question.  Guilt.  The boys were walked three and a half miles every day before we moved.  Walking dogs in the new neighborhood is not possible.  We have two acres that I think they should be allowed to enjoy.  Provided they can keep their mouths shut.  If Natasha the Mafia Princess would start disciplining the dogs, everything would be fine.

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