Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Need Olga Korbut.

It’s 10:09 am in Susquehanna, PA and I have just finished cleaning the bathroom on the second floor.  I am exhausted and in need of pains killers. I have pulled muscles and popped my shoulder out.  Morphine or codeine is preferred. If they were readily available I would pop two before I start the bathroom cleaning.
At 52 years of age I want to kill whoever thought of putting the toilet against the wall. When I was younger it was a stretch, but now, it’s damn near impossible.
Kevin Mazeika is training young gymnasts in Houston, TX area. He was not Olga’s trainer, but he still has an impressive record when comes to training gymnastics. I spent 6 years in the Houston area, why did I not look this man up? Join a class or two to figure out the best way to bend my body around the toilet.
I bet most of the gymnasts in the world can’t appreciate how their training is going to paid off. Keep the medal, think about toilet cleaning when that camera is following your every move. You will be cleaning behind the toilet for a life time. The Olympics comes around once every four years. Toilet cleaning is twice weekly if not more. 
There is no contest here. Toilet cleaning wins hands down. Perhaps they should turn this into an Olympic Event. I wouldn’t win, but the performance would be memorable.   


  1. heya, im new to this site, are you writing a story in parts? if you have time could you read min and tell me what you think please?? Thankyou x

  2. Hey Kelsey,

    I'm new at this blog thing. I would be happy to take a look at your writing. I'm no expert. Send me your blog address and I will check it out.


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